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Enter 25-character product key – Install Office

Microsoft Office is one of the most popular software, because of its great features, versatility, and affordable cost. Download, install and activate Office products from on your device today.

Brief steps to create a new MS Office account

To install Microsoft Office, you must first establish an account. There’s no need to be concerned; simply follow the steps below –

· To begin, connect your device to a power source and turn it on.

· As the URL, type

· Choose “Create a new account” from the drop-down menu on this page.

· On the new page, choose the Create one option, and move to the next step.

· Press the Next button once you’ve entered your email address.

· After entering the email address, create a password on the next page.

· Similarly, you must now select Next.

· Fill up the fields with the information that Microsoft requires.

· Once again, click Next.

· Include your date of birth as well as your hometown.

· Then press Next on the following page, and proceed further.

· Then, input the one-time code Microsoft Office gave to your email address.

· When you’re finished, click Next.

· You must solve a puzzle in order to continue.

· Press the Done button once you’ve completed the puzzle.

· Your Microsoft Office account has been created and is now active.

Brief steps to Redeem MS Office Product Key

The first step after purchasing an MS Office suite is to redeem your product key. To get your Office product key, just complete the procedures outlined below:

· Start your PC, by connecting it to a power source.

· Navigate to in a web browser.

· Sign in to your Office account by clicking the link.

· You should be able to input the product key at this point. Use your Office product key to fill in the field (25 digits).

· Now is the time to choose your local dialect and nationality.

· Choose a payment option and provide your account details.

· To redeem the Office product key, complete the instructions below.

· Microsoft Office is now available for download and installation on your device.

Brief steps to download the MS Office setup on your device via

After you’ve finished redeeming the product key, there’s one more piece of information for you: only MS Office subscribers may download the setup to their devices from the official website. Follow the instructions below to download and install Office on your device.

· To begin, switch on your device.

· To get started, go to in your browser.

· Finally, click the Sign In button.

· Now, use your Microsoft account details to log in, and proceed to the next step.

· Select Install Office after logging into your account and moving on to the next stage.

· Click the Install Office icon next to Office setup once again.

· As a consequence, the download procedure will now begin.

· Allow time for the download to complete. After you’ve downloaded Office, follow the instructions in the next title to install it on your device.

Brief steps to install MS Office on your Windows device

The following is the procedure for installing Microsoft Office: To install the Microsoft Office suite on your device, follow the steps below. –

· Start your system, by connecting it to a power source.

· Double-click the My Computer shortcut to open it.

· Navigate to the Downloads folder and open it.

· To access the MicrosoftOfficeInstaller.exe file, look for it in this directory and double-click it.

· Allow access if a notice prompts you to do so.

· The Microsoft Office installation will now be shown in a window.

· Simply follow the instructions in the installation window to continue.

· Finally, choose Install Office to start the Office installation process.

· The installation will be performed in a timely manner.

· Microsoft Office setup program is now installed on your device. The installation window can now be closed.

Brief steps to activate the MS Office setup on your device

You must activate the MS Office setup after it has been installed if you want to use the Office apps on your device. Once MS Office has been installed on your device, follow the procedure outlined below to activate it.

· Go to your desktop’s home screen.

· In the lower-left corner, tap the Window symbol or the Start menu.

· In the search area, type any Office application, such as PowerPoint or Excel.

· When the software you’re looking for shows in the search results, tap it.

· You will be requested to accept a license agreement when you start an Office application.

· All that’s left for you to do now is accept the agreement.

· The MS Office setup that you previously installed is now activated.


How do I set up Microsoft Office 2019?

Log in to your Microsoft account by going to the link Simply click the Install Office button next to Microsoft Office 2019 to set it up on your device.

Where to input the office product key?

Go to and enter your MS Office product key code.

How do you access your Microsoft Office account?

Go to and select Sign in from the drop-down menu. You may now access your MS user account using your login credentials.



microsoft office product key | home & student 2019

  Enter 25-character product key – Install Office Microsoft Office is one of the most popular software, because of its great features, versa...